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Are you an experienced Counsellor , CBT Therapist , EMDR Therapist, CAT Therapist, Psychologist based in Norfolk or Suffolk and interested to join our team ? Please contact our Clinical Lead  Michelle for more information


Online Therapy with Shona Lowes Clinical Psychologist

Feel Well Therapy welcomes Shona to our team. Shona has over 30 years experience working with children, families, teenagers and adults. She has worked within the NHS in the UK and in addition, has worked in private practice internationally in Russia, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Now living in North Norfolk, Shona works with clients online via Skype and Zoom offering individual sessions to adults and older teenagers, as well as consultations for parents of younger children.

Her expertise includes individual therapy and counselling for older teenagers and adults who are experiencing difficulties related to anxiety, depression, stress, eating behaviour, and sleep. She has a great deal of experience with children and teenagers and is able to provide online consultations for Parents concerning behavioural and emotional issues.

Her therapeutic approach is primarily Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and humanistic counselling. She works with clients to arrive at a joint formulation to clarify the nature of issues and difficulties and uses this to create an individual therapy plan.

Online therapy can work well for people who may have difficulties finding time for sessions because of a busy work of family schedule. Shona is flexible in the appointment times she can offer, including evenings and weekends.


Counselling in Lowestoft with Jane Oldman-Hands

Feel Well Therapy welcomes Jane Oldman Hands, counsellor to adults  to our team . 

Jane says’ I have been working as a counsellor for the past 9 years within a variety of counselling settings including Wellbeing/IAPT services, education, charities and private practice. I completed a Person-Centred Counselling Diploma in 2011 and continued to update my training completing a Master’s Degree in Counselling Research at the UEA in 2012. I have undertaken counsellor supervision training in 2015, with counselling supervision also being an important part of my practice.

I am an approachable, warm and empathetic person, and am passionate about how counselling can empower clients to make steps towards changes in their lives.  My practice is grounded in the person-centred approach, and this provides clients with a non-judgemental space where we can look together at your feelings and concerns at your pace.

I believe by processing your concerns and emotions can lead you to gain new insights and a greater understanding of yourself and your life experiences or situations. By attending to these uncertainties can then give you a clearer view of your experiences and support you with steps towards feeling less anxious and more in control of your life decisions.

I have a wide range of experience working with clients presenting with a variety of different needs, including issues of low self-confidence, bereavement and loss, childhood sexual abuse, identity issues, gender dysmorphia, sexual orientation, LGBTQI issues, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

I am a BACP Accredited counsellor and adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework ensuring a high level of professional care is provided to clients.

To arrange an appointment with Jane please go to our Contact Us Page


Welcome Beth Mills, CBT Therapist and Counsellor to our team

Feel Well Therapy welcomes Beth , CBT Therapist and counsellor to our team. Beth has a wealth of experience working and supporting young people and adults with emotional and psychological difficulties.  She has been a counsellor for over 10 years working in high schools in Norfolk, voluntary organisations, charities and private settings.

Beth treats each client as an unique individual hence aligning the counselling to suit their needs.  Counselling is looking at past experiences, exploring these and finding a way of making sense of them, and self.   This can encourage a reconnection of values and personal growth.  Beth’s approach is proactive and compassionate.  Due to development and emotional needs, Beth can work electically so working with different types of counselling and creative approaches in order to meet the needs of the client. Beth specialises in the following:  bereavement and loss, bullying, loneliness, identity, self harm, suicidal ideation, and relationships.

Beth is also a trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and has worked for the NHS with adults.  She currently works for an NHS online service and offers therapy to patients UK wide.  Therapy involves looking at how thoughts can impact feelings and behaviours, and identifying the unhelpful patterns that emerge.  By learning to challenge thoughts and changing behaviours can enable understanding, positive change and increased worth.  Beth has experience of working with the following:  Depression, anxiety including health and social, OCD, phobias, panic, and PTSD (trauma).

Beth is registered and accredited with both BACP and BABCP and adhere to working ethically with her clients.  She is committed to continually learn and develop in order to enhance her role as a therapist.  Beth’s inspiration for working as a therapist is with the clients she supports.  “It’s a priviledge when a client has trust in me and allows me to step into their world.  I view myself as being by the side of the client as they move towards self discovery, finding their true self, and making that first positive step”.

To make an appointment with Beth or one of our other therapists at Feel Well Therapy please contact us via our website or on 07957350396 to discuss your needs.

If like Beth you would like to discuss joining our affiliate network please get in touch as above with our clinical lead Michelle Webster










News for December

Feel Well Therapy and The Feel Well Centre raise £83 for the Mental Health Foundation in our wellbeing raffle. The Feel Well Centre is home to  Feel Well Therapy and also offers other evidenced based therapies such as therapeutic massage and Physiotherapy.

Feel Well Therapy also welcomes John Marshall to our team of experienced CBT Therapists. John has a wealth of experience in helping others, for many years working as a teacher before then undertaking his training as a counsellor and then later as a CBT therapist. John expands our network of therapists and will be offering appointments from his clinic in Beccles. Welcome John to our team.



Podcast about a clients experience of OCD and his journey to recovery using CBT and what we do and dont know about OCD

“We are all abit obsessive”   ” I like to clean a lot ”  ” I like to be organised”  whilst these statements might be true for many this doesn’t mean that you have OCD. OCD is a serious mental health condition that can cause significant distress to individuals and impact on a their ability to function.

From the BABCP( British association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies )  ‘ Lets talk about CBT’  podcast series,  this podcast talks about  a clients experience of OCD and his journey towards recovery with the help of CBT. Professor Paul Salkovkis also explains what we do and don’t know about OCD at this time .

If you or someone you know is  struggling to cope with OCD and you would like to consider CBT treatment then please get in touch .

500 years of the history of mental health- interesting insights from times past

This fascinates me !!
The Royal College of Physicians is presenting ‘Moonstruck’ , exhibitions and events looking at 500 years of mental health. It tells the story of mental health, from witchcraft and home remedies to straitjackets and ECT. Events are in Edinburgh but if you live further afield check out their website. Check out the recorded talks link .I’ve enjoyed listening to Voices of the mad: patients letters from the asylum and the Age of stress: myth or reality, so far . If this is your thing, give it a look


Its World Mental Health Day – take the 30 day Body Positive Mental Wellness Challenge


Take the Body Positive 30 Day Mental Wellness Challenge

BBC Body Positive #MentalWellnessChallenge

Meet Dr Zoe who will be guiding you through the five weeks.

Daily tips to help improve your mental wellbeing

The latest report from the annual UK Youth Index calls 16 to 25-year-olds the unhappiest generation for a decade, revealing that almost two-thirds (61%) regularly feel stressed, more than a quarter (27%) feel “hopeless”, while around half (47%) have experienced a mental health problem.

 Even if you don’t have anxiety, depression or a diagnosed mental illness, better sleep and less stress is good for your overall health and well-being.


Podcast talking about a clients experience of CBT to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,6IB09,M3I0EB,PUGBF,1

From the BABCP( British association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies )  ‘ Lets talk about CBT’  podcast series,  this podcast talks about  how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be used to treat Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you or someone you know is  struggling to cope with events following a traumatic event we can help you . We provide  CBT and EMDR therapy which is recommended by NICE for the treatment of PTSD. Please get in touch to discuss your needs .