FAQ – what might be useful for you to know about the therapy service we provide.

How can I be referred to you?
Feel well therapy
provides services to clients aged 15  years and over ( and a limited counselling service to children aged 1o years and over). If you are looking to self-fund therapy sessions  or have approval from your  health insurers for treatment please contact us directly. Solicitors or employers usually refer clients to us directly.

What happens at the assessment appointment?
Assessment appointments usually last for 60 minutes during which we will talk about your current difficulties and what has brought you to therapy. We will work together to try and understand how your difficulties have developed and the factors that keep them going. We will start to identify specific goals that you might want to achieve and obstacles that get in the way of you achieving them. We will explain what CBT/EMDR/ CAT/ Counselling  is in more detail and how this might help with your particular problem. If we feel that what we are offering is not suitable then we will try and recommend alternative options. To assist us with your assessment we may ask you to complete a range of assessment questionnaires.

How long do appointment last?
Assessment and therapy sessions usually last for 60 minutes at the agreed time.

How many therapy sessions will I need?
The number of therapy sessions recommended will depend upon the nature of your difficulties and its severity but this typically ranges from 6 – 20 sessions. Following your assessment we will give you an indication of how many sessions may be recommended taking account of your individual needs and the NICE guidelines for your difficulties.

For all clients we would routinely review treatment at session 6 to make sure that therapy is being helpful and is focused on the goals that we agree together.

What happens if I don’t want to continue with sessions?
You are under no obligation to continue with sessions if you don’t wish to, but we politely ask that you let us know of your decision as soon as possible. If referred by an agency or solicitor we will let them know of your decision.

How much do therapy sessions cost?
The cost of sessions is detailed next to the therapists profiles. The cost of sessions reflects the market rate for different therapies and the therapists professional background and qualifications . For self funding sessions, payment needs to be paid in advance by bank transfer. Apologies but we are not able to take card payment at this time.

Solicitors, insurers, private health insurance, employment assistance schemes and employers will be invoiced as per our contract with them which takes account of additional administration fees.

If you have private health insurance, please contact us as only a limited number of our therapists can take referrals at this time.

Will I be charged if I need to cancel or do not attend appointments?

Following an enquiry we will send you are terms and conditions to read over which includes our cancellation policy. When we arrange an assessment appointment these terms and conditions come into effect. This includes the following:

Appointments cancelled within 24hrs of the appointment time will be classed as late cancellations and a fee of 50% will be charged in the first instance and there after charged at the full rate.

Non attendance of sessions will result in the full fee being applicable.

Please note that some insurance, healthcare policies or agencies will not pay for late cancellation or non attendance of sessions in which case the fee is payable by you.

Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?
We try to accommodate clients requests were possible. Please have a look at individual therapist’s working days and the locations of their clinics next to their profile. we currently offer online therapy in an evening and at weekends with Shona Lowes.

Do you offer home visits?
We can offer home visits in some case, however these can be quite costly to clients as our hourly fee will apply whilst traveling to and from clinic bases. Please contact us to discuss this option if you require this.

Is there disabled access to clinic’s

Our Loddon clinic is wheelchair accessible and has a disabled toilet .Our Beccles and Hethersett clinics has a therapy room downstairs. Our Corton Clinic is based on the first floor, accessed by stairs. We also offer online therapy.

Will the information that I discuss be kept confidential?
All that is discussed in your therapy sessions will be treated as confidential, with the following exceptions: we are required to seek supervision by our professional bodies as a means of ensuring good practice, this will involve discussing details of cases with other professionals.  We also have a statutory obligation to break confidentiality under rare circumstances, namely, if we believe that a client is of danger to themselves or to others (under the Mental Health Act, 2001) or if we believe that a child is at actual risk of physical or sexual abuse (The Children Act, Section 47, 1989).

Therapists  work as self employed practitioners but are obligated to conform to the Data Protection ACT and GDPR  as part of their professional practice and affiliation to Feel Well Therapy. We are registered with the ICO, the Information Commisioners Office.

Will you write to my GP or employer?
At our assessment appointment we will explain and ask you to sign an information sharing agreement that details who you give permission for me to share information with. We can amend this if necessary during the course of therapy.

We normally have to write assessment, progress and discharge reports to your solicitor or employment assistant scheme if they referred you to us. The information that we will share with them will be on a need to know basis and if there is anything you don’t want us to share with them then we can discuss this.

We routinely send a brief discharge report to your GP, unless you request us not to do so.

What happens if I feel in a crisis?
We are not able to offer a crisis management service to clients. In the event that you feel in crisis then please contact: Your GP if necessary using the out of hours service 111or telephone the Samaritans on 116 123.

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