CBT Therapy, CAT Therapy, EMDR Therapy and Counselling

When you make the decision to seek therapy you need to be assured that the therapy that you undertake has been proven to be effective, the therapist has the right skills and qualifications and that you feel that you can form a trusting and helpful relationship with your therapist.At Feel Well Therapy we strongly believe in these principles.

We provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT) Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Counselling which are effective and NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recommended therapies for a wide range of mental health conditions.

Our therapists are qualified ,skilled and experienced and committed to adhering to the professional standards set down by their regulatory body and also Feel Well Therapy. Testimonials from clients frequently comments on the effectiveness of our service and our ability to put clients at ease.

Working together in therapy, we can help you to feel better and improve your wellbeing.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy recommended by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) for the treatment of a wide range of psychological difficulties including:

  • Depression including postnatal depression
  • Stress
  • Panic disorder
  • Generalised anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Phobias including Agoraphobia, Social phobia( anxiety) , flying phobias.
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( OCD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger
  • Low self esteem
  • Managing long term conditions.
  • Insomnia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Psychosis

At Feel Well Therapy we distinguish between therapists who may be using CBT approaches in their therapy and those that are trained to provide formulation based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy due to their enhanced level of training.

All of our CBT Therapists will have either a Diploma or Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Many of our therapists will also have a core training in Social Work, Occupational Therapy, or be a Registered Mental Health Nurse. They will be accredited with the BABCP the lead regulatory organisation for CBT therapists in the UK. cbtregisteruk.com and have a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience.

Please see a podcast from the BABCP on what Is CBT.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) Therapy is a psychological treatment that has shown to be beneficial in treating psychological trauma arising from experiences such as road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, assault, childhood abuse or neglect, natural disaster and war related experiences. It is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and recent research also suggests benefits of using EMDR in treating anxiety disorders, complicated grief, depression, phobias and disturbing memories.

EMDR therapy is an eight phase treatment approach which includes completing a detailed assessment, processing of the difficult memories and facing current or future situations. During the memory processing aspects the EMDR therapist helps the client recall a disturbing event for a short while (e.g. 30 seconds) whilst simultaneously initiating bilateral stimulation that can consist of eye movements, tapping or sounds. This enables the reprocessing of traumatic memories, with successful treatment leading to memories becoming less intense and distressing and client’s psychological wellbeing significantly improving.

At Feel Well Therapy our EMDR Therapists will have completed training to level 3 or above in EMDR with a training provider verified by the EMDR Association of UK and Ireland and have a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience.  emdrassociation.org.uk.

They will have a background in another therapy such as CBT, Psychology, Counselling in addition to their EMDR qualification. They will be a member of a regulatory body associated with their profession and be a member of the EMDR Association of UK and  Ireland and working towards or be accredited with them as an EMDR therapist or consultant.

Please see a short video on EMDR for adults.

Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT)

Cognitive Analytic Therapy,is a very active therapy, inviting you to be the observer of your own life and to take part in what needs change. The changes needed may be small, such as stopping being caught in a trap of avoiding things, or they may be larger, such as finding new ways of relating to other people. CAT shows you the way to change your learned attitudes and beliefs about yourself and others, and helps you focus on ways to make better choices.

Together with your therapist, in the safety of the therapeutic relationship you will gradually develop an understanding of the ways in which you have learned to cope with what has happened in your life. Often people who have been through abuse, neglect or trauma feel bad about themselves and this can affect self-confidence. CAT is a very creative therapy and the process of understanding and self discovery may involve painting as well as writing, self-reflection and learning to self-monitor through journal keeping.

CAT is used for a range of difficulties such as depression, anxiety and relationship problems. In particular, it has been used to work with hard to help problems such as eating disorders and personality disorders. It can also be useful for people who have become stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour or relationships.

CAT therapy is time-limited, usually between 8-24 sessions with sessions lasting between 50-60 mins. Follow up sessions are also offered. Individuals need to be motivated to engage in therapy and prepared to some extent to explore their childhood experience

At Feel Well Therapy our CAT therapists will usually have either a core training as a mental health professional (e.g. as a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Nurse, Social Worker or Occupational Therapist,) or be an accredited counsellor. They will be accredited with  ACAT the association for cognitive analytical therapists and have a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience.


Counselling is often used as a generic term for all talking therapies but is a therapy in its own right.

Counselling is a talking therapy where you talk in confidence to a counsellor to help you find ways to deal with difficulties in your life.

Counsellors may follow a specific model, but many counsellors integrate more than one model, along with elements of therapeutic approaches such as person-centred, solution focused or CBT approaches. Counselling is recommended by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) if you:

  • are struggling to cope with a long-term condition
  • have chronic pain
  • are having fertility problems
  • have depression
  • are struggling with bereavement and loss
  • are struggling adapting to change
  • are struggling with identity issues
  • are experiencing relationship problems

At Feel Well Therapy our Counsellors will have either an advanced Diploma or degree in Counselling from a course provider verified by the BACP (British association of Counselling Psychotherapies). They will accredited with the BACP with a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience.

Meet our Team


Michelle Webster

Clinical Lead of Feel Well Therapy

Senior CBT Therapist
EMDR Therapist. (15 years and above)

Assessment and CBT , EMDR or combined sessions (60 mins) £75

Available Monday to Friday from The Feel Well Centre Loddon and for video sessions

I started my career as an Occupational Therapist in the NHS in 1993, and soon found my vocation of working with clients with mental health problems in 1995. I have worked with clients presenting with a wide range of mental health presentations and severities over the years in my clinical roles within community mental health teams, in patients services, crisis and home treatment teams, primary care and IAPT services. I started my training and practice as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in 2002 and have successfully treated many clients over the years.

I am an experienced and accredited CBT therapist and supervisor with the BABCP and also a qualified EMDR therapist. I have a wide range of experience in treating mental health conditions, and a special interest in helping clients recover from trauma, work related stress and helping clients to learn to be more compassionate towards themselves. I am registered with most health care insurers.

I am professional, caring and also easy to talk to, and this has helped me to establish a successful private practice business called Feel Well Therapy (FWT).

I am a firm believer in evidence based practice and want to try and educate the public about what therapies they should be looking for to treat mental health conditions. As part of my role in FWT I look to link clients with the right therapist for their difficulties and am always looking to develop and improve services. If you would like to arrange an assessment or  therapy session please get in touch

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Rosmary Moyce

CBT Therapist (15 years and above )

Assessment and CBT sessions (60 mins) £75

Available on Friday afternoons at The Feel Well Centre Loddon  

Rosemary Moyce
CBT Therapist

Rosemary has been practising as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for the last 8 years. She initially qualified as a registered mental health nurse in 1988 and has worked with clients experiencing a range of mental health difficulties in acute inpatient services, primary care services, community mental health teams and forensic services.

Having developed an interest in becoming a therapist following completion of a counselling certificate in 1993 , Rosemarie went onto complete a course in psychodynamic psychoanalyse in Colchester in 1996 .

More recently she completed her Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural therapy at the University of East Anglia in 2011.  She is an experienced and BABCP accredited therapist and works with clients experiencing a variety of conditions including stress, depression, panic disorder , OCD, trauma, emotional dysregulation and relapse prevention work for people with a diagnosis of  Bi-polar Disorder.

Rosie currently works part time in the NHS as a Psychological Therapist working with young people aged 14 to 26 and is also part of our team of  CBT Therapists practising from the Feel Well Centre in Loddon.

Rosie says ‘I would like to think of myself as a friendly, approachable and genuine person.  I really enjoy working with people , particularly in being able to support and help people feel better and move towards reaching their recovery goals.’

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John Marshall

CBT Therapist ( Adults)

Assessment and CBT sessions (60 mins) £75

On Mondays at the Saxon Therapy Centre Beccles NR34 9HE and for video sessions

John Marshall
CBT Therapist

For most of my working life I was a history teacher in North London, however with retirement approaching I trained as a counsellor in 1990. My initial training was in Integrative counselling but in 1997 I started training in CBT as I found that the collaborative approach which CBT fosters suited me better, given my background in teaching. In CBT we are teaching the client to become their own therapist.

I moved from London to Norfolk in 2001 and I completed the Post Graduate Diploma course in CBT at UEA. I started working in private practice in 2003 while at the same time doing voluntary counselling for various organisations in Norwich. I became accredited with both the BACP and the BABCP the regulatory bodies for Counsellors and CBT Therapists. . From 2007 I have concentrated my voluntary work at the St Barnabas Counselling Centre in Derby St where I see clients one day a week. In 2014 I decided to move my private practice to Beccles where I now work at the Saxon Alternative Therapy Centre in New Market for one day a week, on a Monday.

Throughout my career I have enjoyed running various training courses for counsellors on CBT and am committed towards my own ongoing professional development.

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Beth Mills_Feel Well Therapy

Beth Mills 

CBT Therapist (Adults ) and Counsellor (11years and above)

Initial assessment (60 mins) £75

CBT (60 mins) £75

Counselling £50

Available on Mondays and Tuesdays in Hethersett, Norwich, Norfolk and for video sessions

Beth Mills
CBT Therapist. Counsellor for children and adults.

Beth has a wealth of experience working and supporting young people and adults with emotional and psychological difficulties.  Beth has a BA Hons in Person Centred Counselling and a Post Qualifying Diploma in Counselling for Children and Young People and has  been a counsellor for over 10 years working in high schools in Norfolk, voluntary organisations, charities and private settings.  Beth treats each client as an unique individual hence aligning the counselling to suit their needs.  Counselling is looking at past experiences, exploring these and finding a way of making sense of them, and self.   This can encourage a reconnection of values and personal growth.  Beth’s approach is proactive and compassionate.  Due to development and emotional needs, Beth can work eclectically so working with different types of counselling and creative approaches in order to meet the needs of the client.

Beth specialises in the following:  bereavement and loss, bullying, loneliness, identity, self harm, suicidal ideation, and relationships.

Beth has a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and has worked for the NHS with adults.  She currently works for an NHS online service and offers therapy to patients UK wide.  Therapy involves looking at how thoughts can impact feelings and behaviours, and identifying the unhelpful patterns that emerge.  By learning to challenge thoughts and changing behaviours can enable understanding, positive change and increased worth.

Beth has experience of working with the following:  Depression, anxiety including health and social, OCD, phobias, panic, and PTSD (trauma).

Beth is registered and accredited with both BACP and BABCP and adhere to working ethically with her clients.  She is committed to continually learn and develop in order to enhance her role as a therapist. 

Beth’s inspiration for working as a therapist is with the clients she supports.  “It’s a priviledge when a client has trust in me and allows me to step into their world.  I view myself as being by the side of the client as they move towards self discovery, finding their true self, and making that first positive step”. 

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Maxine Votier

Maxine Votier

CBT Therapist (Adults)

Assessment and CBT sessions (60 mins) £75

Remote therapy via video or telephone

Maxine Votier
CBT Therapist.

I completed my training as a registered mental health nurse in 1994 and having worked in various settings in this role then went on to train as a CBT therapist, qualifying with a post graduate diploma in 2002 at the University of East Anglia. Since that time, I have continued to work in mental health services as a CBT and Psychological therapist with a wide range of clients treating an extensive range of psychological difficulties. I am a BABCP accredited supervisor and help train new therapists.

I am committed to delivering high quality therapy, and have a wealth of experience to bring to my work with clients.

Shona Lowes

Clinical Psychologist  

Video therapy sessions for adults and providing advice to Parents

CBT (60 mins) £95

Flexible times including weekends and evenings – last appointment time 8pm

Shona Lowes
B.Sc., M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)
Chartered Clinical Psychologist (British Psychological Society)
Registered with the Health Care Professions Council, UK

Online Therapy for adults and providing advice to parents

Shona has over 30 years experience working with children, families, teenagers and adults. She has worked within the NHS in the UK and in addition, has worked in private practice internationally in Russia, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Now living in North Norfolk, Shona works with clients online via Skype and Zoom offering individual sessions to adults and older teenagers, as well as consultations for parents of younger children. Her expertise includes individual therapy and counselling for older teenagers and adults who are experiencing difficulties related to anxiety, depression, stress, eating behaviour, and sleep. She has a great deal of experience with children and teenagers and is able to provide online consultations for Parents concerning behavioural and emotional issues. She also offers professional supervision for Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, and Counsellors. Her therapeutic approach is primarily Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and humanistic counselling. She works with clients to arrive at a joint formulation to clarify the nature of issues and difficulties and uses this to create an individual therapy plan. Online therapy can work well for people who may have difficulties finding time for sessions because of a busy work of family schedule. Shona is flexible in the appointment times she can offer, including evenings and weekends.

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Linda Tansley

CAT Therapist

EMDR Therapist

CAT /EMDR assessment and therapy session (60 mins) £75

Contact us to discuss availability

Practising from:

The Practice Rooms Norwich

The Feel Well Centre Loddon

Video therapy sessions

Linda Tansley

CAT Therapist. EMDR Therapist


Linda has a wealth of experience, initially qualifying as a social worker before training as a counsellor, EMDR therapist and then a Cognitive analytical Therapist. She has worked for many years in the NHS and in the voluntary sector, and now has a private practice clinic in Norwich and Loddon.

Linda says ‘In my private practice I offer both short term and long term work depending on the needs of the client and I work with clients presenting with a wide range of difficulties. CAT is a relational therapy which aims to gain an understanding of why we get stuck in mal- adaptive patterns of relating both to ourselves and others and considers how we might bring about change. EMDR is helpful for those who have experienced trauma though it also helps with a wide range of conditions such as pain. Whatever approach we decide to take I aim to work collaboratively towards a clients’ own goals’.

Want to see if CAT can help you?
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Jane Oldman-Hands

Counsellor Adults 18+

Counselling assessment and therapy session ( 50-60 mins) £50

Availability:Monday to Thursday 9am-6pm

In Corton Lowestoft
My therapy room is situated on the  first floor accessed via stairs

Video therapy sessions

Jane Oldman-Hands

Counsellor Adults 18+

I have been working as a counsellor for the past 9 years within a variety of counselling settings including Wellbeing/IAPT services, education, charities and private practice. I completed a Person-Centred Counselling Diploma in 2011 and continued to update my training completing a Master’s Degree in Counselling Research at the UEA in 2012. I have undertaken counsellor supervision training in 2015, with counselling supervision also being an important part of my practice.

I am an approachable, warm and empathetic person, and am passionate about how counselling can empower clients to make steps towards changes in their lives.  My practice is grounded in the person-centred approach, and this provides clients with a non-judgemental space where we can look together at your feelings and concerns at your pace.

I believe by processing your concerns and emotions can lead you to gain new insights and a greater understanding of yourself and your life experiences or situations. By attending to these uncertainties can then give you a clearer view of your experiences and support you with steps towards feeling less anxious and more in control of your life decisions.

I have a wide range of experience working with clients presenting with a variety of different needs, including issues of low self-confidence, bereavement and loss, childhood sexual abuse, identity issues, gender dysmorphia, sexual orientation, LGBTQI issues, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

I am a BACP Accredited counsellor and adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework ensuring a high level of professional care is provided to clients.

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Are you an accredited and experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, CAT Therapist, Psychologist ,EMDR Therapist, Counsellor practising in Norfolk or Suffolk and interested to join our network of affiliate therapists?  If so please get in touch with our Clinical Lead Michelle Webster via our contact page as we would love to talk to you.